Baja Sur Sustainability Fund

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As of November 9, 2019, Baja California Sur will begin implementing the Fund for a Sustainable Baja Sur. This ambitious initiative will focus on raising funds to continue to improve conditions in local communities throughout the region, including the ongoing development of sustainable infrastructure and additional projects focused on health, social services, security and housing. With tourism as the core of the economy in Los Cabos, Mexico, this initiative will support local residents working in the hospitality industry who make this a world-class vacation destination.

International visitors will be offered a variety of options and opportunities to make a contribution, including a web page at TravelerFundBCS.Gob.Mx, as well as kiosks located at the Los Cabos International Airport (SJD). International travelers will be asked to contribute approximately $19 USD* ($350 MX pesos) to support this important project.

Baja Sustainability Fund
Payment kiosks are available at the Los Cabos International Airport

We share our love for Los Cabos with our happy clients who visit this breathtaking vacation destination and look forward to continuing to support this vibrant region and the people who make Cabo so special!

Baja Sur Sustainability Fund FAQs…
Baja Sur Sustainability Fund representatives are available at the airport to answer questions

*Depending on conversion rate

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