Cabo Expeditions: Ocean Sunfish (Mola Mola) in Los Cabos VIDEO

Our friends at Cabo Expeditions are well-known throughout Los Cabos for their passionate commitment to educate visitors about the magical marine life and unique underwater ecosystem of the Sea of Cortez. Their intimate whale-watching tours, snuba and Sea Trek adventures let visitors get up close and personal with the beautiful sea creatures that call Los Cabos home. Here, they share a rare glimpse of one of Cabo’s more unusual residents, the extraordinary ocean sunfish (Mola Mola) witnessed during a whale watching trip.

The ocean sunfish is one of the world’s most unusually-shaped bony fish, with a laterally flattened body that’s given it the nickname of “moon fish” in many parts of the world—its Latin name means “millstone.” Living on jellyfish, small fish, squid, sea grass and crustaceans, this remarkable creature averages about 6 feet in length, but many larger specimens have been recorded.

Witnessing this strangely beautiful creatures is an exceptional treat—and another reminder why it’s so important to promote and protect the precious marine environment of Los Cabos.

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