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Surf’s Up in the East Cape

Surfing East Cape Los Cabos MexicoSurfers are an unconventional lot, having the reputation of dropping everything—maybe even their breakfast forks—when they hear a swell is happening. They can also be a bit secretive about their favorite surf breaks, though if you get in good with them, they’ll spill. Surfers also come in every shape, size and age, including being the owners of beautiful villas in Los Cabos.

Daniel Kash has lived in Los Cabos for more than seven years, and is the owner of a condo in Cabo, is a partner in a house in Palmilla, and is the owner of fabulous Villa Kash, in the East Cape. And he is a long-time surfer. Daniel has a few regulars who stay in his villa on their surf safaris, and they’ve got a few breaks to choose from: “The three most popular breaks are Shipwrecks (600 meters north of my house), La Fortuna (2 miles north of my house) and at 9 Palms. There are a few other spots not as familiar to non-locals as well,” says Daniel. Surfers usually bring their own boards, but they can also rent them in town.

There are some regular patterns to how the swells develop. Daniel says the best times of the year to surf on the East Cape (the Sea of Cortez) start in May or June, and end in November, but on the Pacific side, it’s essentially the opposite. Surfers are known to spend the entire day (and sometimes part of the night) in the water, but there’s plenty to do during any downtime. “They can rent ATVs, they can snorkel, fish and also go scuba diving in Cabo Pulmo, 45 minutes up the coast. And most surfers like to relax, drink and possibly go into town to have some fun,” says Daniel.

Daniel says he surfs whenever he can, sometimes in the States, but every time he is in Cabo. “The secret is out: over the last couple of years it’s been busier in the water than it has ever been before, but the East Cape still beats any local surf spot in regards to crowds in the States.” Any day in Los Cabos is a good day, but a day with good waves: awesome.

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By Tom Bentley

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  • Kocay

    I did not know that most of the holtes are non-inclusive, I like all-inclusive resorts because everything is covered and you don’t have to worry about how much your trip is going to end up costing. I also didn’t know that Cabo was one of the safest destinations in Mexico, that’s great! Awesome info, thanks!

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