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    Cabo Pulmo: A Green, Marine, Beautiful Scene

    The ocean is obviously a place of tremendous bounty as well as beauty, but that magnificent plenty has a fragile side. The Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is a stirring example of how environmental stewardship can harvest tremendous rewards, and a reminder to stay vigilant. The marine park, and the small town that bears its name is about an hour north of San José del Cabo. But the “north” is more significant than that: the marine park is the most northerly living coral reef in the eastern Pacific—just one of three of its kind on the Pacific Coast. Coral reefs are extraordinary nurseries for aquatic life, home to more than…

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    Diving the Magical Revillagigedo Islands of Mexico

    About 200 miles from Los Cabos, Baja California Sur lie the Revillagigedo Islands, a unique archipelago sometimes described as the “Galapagos of Mexico.” The volcanic islands of the chain include Socorro Island, San Benedicto Island, Clarion Island and Roca Partida—and host some of the most breathtaking underwater sea life in the world. Recently, Don Hirschaut, president of CaboVillas.com (Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations) took an unforgettable journey to get up close and personal with the islands’ giant manta rays, sharks and more. Here, he shares his experience exploring this fragile and beautiful ecosystem.