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    Cabo’s Wild Locals – Experience Sea Life with Cabo Expeditions

    Baja California Sur is known for its natural splendor, with the incredibly vibrant waters of the Sea of Cortez hosting a spectacular variety of marine life. Cabo Expeditions offers a range of incredible tours that let you get up-close views of some of Cabo’s most memorable ocean critters, from whales and dolphins, to sea turtles and rays. Cabo Expeditions is headed up by Oscar Ortiz who also happens to be a talented photographer. Here he shares some recent shots of Cabo’s photogenic sea life.

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    An Organic Oasis in Los Cabos: Huerta Los Tamarindos

    When most people think of Los Cabos, the image that comes to mind involves long sandy beaches set against the brilliant blues of the Sea of Cortez and the stunning backdrop of Baja Sur’s desert terrain. While the rugged expanses of the desert outback evoke romance and mystery, there are a number of surprisingly verdant spots tucked along the countryside in Los Cabos. One of these gems is Huerta Los Tamarindos, located in the Animas Bajas area outside of San José del Cabo. A combination of a working organic farm and gourmet restaurant, Huerta Los Tamarindos is also developing a loyal following of visitors who come for a range of cooking…

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    Perusing the Rows of the San José del Cabo Mercado Organico

    We had the opportunity to speak with the general manager of the San José del Cabo Mercado Organico (or San José del Cabo Organic Market). The market is open Saturdays from November through May and is home to local vendors selling everything from jewelry to organic produce. There are several other farmers markets throughout Los Cabos. What sets yours apart? SANJOMO AC (San José del Cabo Mercado Organico) is a non-profit organization that strives to create a place where local products and art can be available and supplied by our multicultural community. Our objective is to promote local organic agriculture, arts and crafts, music and educational resources. We also promote…

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    Humpback Whales Return to Los Cabos

    Every winter, migrating humpback whales make their way down the Pacific Coast of North America to the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez. Here, they mate and give birth to the next generation. The winter months are an incredible time to view these majestic creatures up close.  Cabo Expeditions offers wonderful, insightful tours led by knowledgeable guides to view these gentle giants in the waters of Los Cabos. Talented photographer Oscar Ortiz of their team has shared these breathtaking shots below taken in recent days. Oscar explains that, “This year we have seen large groups of humpbacks, lots of mating activity and 3 baby whales so far. The whales look very…

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    Sea Turtle Conservation in Baja Sur: Tortugueros Las Playitas

    Baja California Sur is well-known as a region rich in vibrant wildlife, pristine waters and beautiful beaches. Sea turtles are some of the area’s most beloved inhabitants, making their nests on the warm sands of Baja. Unfortunately, a range of conservation challenges impact these magnificent creatures’ habitat and survival in Baja. Luckily, groups like Tortugueros Las Playitas are hard at work trying to ensure that they continue to survive – and thrive – in Los Cabos. We discussed their efforts with their team member, Francesca.

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    Diving the Socorro Islands of Mexico

    Giant Pacific manta rays, sharks and whale sharks are just the beginning of the remarkable sea life at the Revillagigedo Islands (sometimes called the “Socorro Islands”). Recently, our company president Don Hirschaut, had the opportunity to revisit the Revillagigedo archipelago (home to Socorro, San Benedicto, Clarión and Roca Partida Islands) a chain of islands of volcanic origin located approximately 250 miles south of Cabo San Lucas in the Pacific Ocean. This location has sometimes been called the “Mexican Galapagos” for its unique ecosystem. Traveling aboard the state-of-the-art Nautilus Explorer dive boat, the 8-day journey allowed participants to experience some of the most memorable marine animals in the world in a setting of dramatic…

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    Exploring the Waters with CABO SUP

    One of the fastest-growing water sports in the world, stand up paddling (“SUP”) is gaining momentum as fun way to exercise and take in the sights while on the water. Los Cabos offers a great setting for stand up paddling, with the gorgeous Sea of Cortez and amazing weather. Even if you’ve never stand up paddled before, you can experience this amazing activity while vacationing in Los Cabos. We talked to Meredith Vosburgh of CABO SUP about their offerings. How did CABO SUP get started? We (owners/operators Lee and Meredith Vosburgh), first started stand up paddling 7 years ago in Montauk, Long Island. After relocating to Cabo 6 years ago to…

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    Newly Protected Area at Pelican Rock / Lover’s Beach in Cabo San Lucas Bay

    Our friends at Cabo Sails report that buoys have been set up around Pelican Rock in Cabo San Lucas Bay as part of the National Marine Park effort to protect this precious marine habitat from motorized boats. Placement of the buoys originally began in November, but now the buoys completely prevent access by motorized boats in the area between Lover’s Beach and Pelican Rock.  Buoys also extended from Pelican Rock along the Lover’s Beach shoreline. This will help preserve a beautiful and pristine marine ecosystem. According to the Cabo Sails team, “They have designated an area where the water taxis drop people off and pick them up at Lover’s Beach but they…

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    Top 8 Marine Animal Encounters in Baja California Sur

    Oscar Ortiz heads up Cabo Expeditions, one of the leading operations of environmentally friendly excursions in Los Cabos. Specializing in marine tours, from kayaking in the scenic waters of Cabo, to swimming with majestic whale sharks, Oscar has seen his share of incredible ocean life in Baja California Sur. With the dazzling abundant variety of marine creatures in the beautiful Sea of Cortez, there’s no shortage of photo-worthy encounters to be had. Here, Oscar shares his top marine animal experiences: 1.  The Ultimate: Blue Whale – The largest animal that is known to have existed on the planet, the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) can reach lengths of up to 90 feet.…

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    Cabo Pulmo: A Green, Marine, Beautiful Scene

    The ocean is obviously a place of tremendous bounty as well as beauty, but that magnificent plenty has a fragile side. The Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is a stirring example of how environmental stewardship can harvest tremendous rewards, and a reminder to stay vigilant. The marine park, and the small town that bears its name is about an hour north of San José del Cabo. But the “north” is more significant than that: the marine park is the most northerly living coral reef in the eastern Pacific—just one of three of its kind on the Pacific Coast. Coral reefs are extraordinary nurseries for aquatic life, home to more than…