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Activities, Tours and Cruises in Los Cabos

No matter if you want to take a jaunty excursion on the ground, skim on (or under) the surface of the sea, or take to the very air, has an activity that will thrill your senses. Choose from one of the headings below to start your activity engines.

Above and Below, the Ocean Beckons Sail the warm waves, or seek out the exotic creatures below the surface
Cabo Expeditions
Exciting tours led by the professional team of Cabo Expeditions offer a perfect mix of fun, learning, challenge and safety on the awe-inspiring waters of Los Cabos. Tours include whale watching, island expeditions, swimming with whale sharks and snuba. With a focus on fun and education, these are some of the leading and best-loved eco-tours in Los Cabos.
From $50/person
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Cabo Dolphins
Guests of all ages can enjoy a rare opportunity to swim and play with beautiful Pacific Bottlenose dolphins while visiting Cabo San Lucas.
From $109/person
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Rissalena Motorboat Cruises
The Rissalena is a newly commissioned, custom-designed, 37-foot power catamaran offering sightseeing, snorkeling, and sunset tours. Whatever cruise you choose, your comfort, pleasure and safety are the crew's top priority.
From $65/person
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Buccaneer Queen Tall Ship Cruises
The Buccaneer Queen, a famous, 96-foot ship that has appeared in movies and TV commercials, sails the waters around Cabo San Lucas in epic style. The authentic Buccaneer Queen offers snorkeling tours, sunset cruises, private charters and whale watching trips (Jan-March).
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Caborey Cruiser
It's difficult to express just how delightful it is to motor along the fabulous Baja coastline, cool cocktail in hand, upon the decks of an elegant vessel. But don't take our word for it—take the Caborey dinner cruiser and enjoy an elegant dinner and a cruise around Cabo San Lucas Bay aboard the largest catamaran in the Los Cabos area.
From $50/person
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Cabo Escape Tours
A 70-foot power catamaran, the Cabo Escape is the perfect vessel to experience all the best of Los Cabos, from unforgettable whale watching, to snorkeling and sunset cruises. Spacious and comfortable, this well-equipped ship offers great service, delicious food and plenty of fun.
From $45/person
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The Love Shack Cruises
"The Love Shack" is a 72-foot Bluewater multifunctional yacht. Love Shack Cruises is proud to take you to the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez taking private charter cruises to a whole new level. With a comprehensive list of activities, an upscale venue, and a professional, experienced staff, we will make your next cruise the highlight of your visit, on the most affordable, family oriented, luxury yacht in Cabo San Lucas.
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Cabo Stand Up Paddle
CABO SUP is the first stand up paddle board club located in the heart of Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas. Cabo SUP offers lessons, rentals and guided tours. Stand up paddling is the fastest growing water sport in the world. It is an amazing workout and a fun way to experience being on the water. After a safety lesson and basic instruction on the beach, you will head into the water on a training board and learn basic strokes before heading out to explore.
From $25/person
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Cabo Adventures - Sea Tours
Offering exciting power snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving and whale watching tours in Los Cabos, Cabo Adventures is one of the area's most popular activity providers. Hop aboard for an unforgettable day experiencing the amazing sea life of the Sea of Cortez.
From $75/person
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Cabo Sails
An unforgettable day of sailing the beautiful Sea of Cortez is sure to be a vacation highlight. Hop aboard one of these beautiful vessels for an experience to remember.
From $350/2-6 Adults
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Cabo Sailing
Explore the unforgettable waters of the Sea of Cortez aboard one of the beautiful vessels of Cabo Sailing.
From $65/person
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Manta Scuba Diving
Located in Cabo San Lucas, this dive program provides outstanding services and a close-up view of Cabo's unspoiled underwater beauty.
From $60/person
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Pez Gato Catamaran Cruises
Hop aboard the Pez Gato, Cabo's premier catamaran tour. With over 20 years of fun in Los Cabos, Pez Gato now has three great boats to choose from!
From $39/person
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Cabo Mar Catamaran Tour
Put on your dancing shoes and head out on this great catamaran tour in Cabo! Cabo Mar was built in 2005 and is a 65 foot, double-decker super power catamaran comfortably holding up to 150 passengers. The "Cabo Mar" and its Latin rhythms will have you swaying to the beat, cool cocktail in hand.
From $65/person
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Tropicat Cruises
Come and experience Cabo's newest and most luxurious super cat, Tropicat. At 65 feet, this catamaran is truly in a class all its own. Whether you plan on spending the day snorkeling in the azure waters of the Sea of Cortez, looking for whales or sailing into a gorgeous Cabo sunset, Tropicat is sure to deliver the experience of a lifetime.
From $65/person
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Baja Outback Water Adventures
With a passion for the abundant natural riches of Los Cabos, Baja Outback's experienced team takes participants to some of the region's best surfing, snorkeling and kayaking destinations. Learn how to catch a wave with a patient guide.
From $46/person
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High Tide Tours
Explore the magic and beauty of the Sea of Cortez when you head out on a kayaking and snorkeling tour or surfing adventure with the friendly, experienced team of High Tide Los Cabos.
From $70/person
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Solmar V Live-Aboard Diving
The Solmar V, one of the most luxurious live-aboard dive vessels in the world, offers some of the area's most exciting dive locations in the Sea of Cortez and Socorro Islands.
From $3199/person
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The Terrain Is Still Untamed Get out on the backroads and byways of beautiful Baja
ATV Tour
Explore spectacular ocean side cliffs, lush desert ranges and canyon trails as you ride your personal 450 Honda all terrain vehicle. Hop on and follow your guide for a glimpse into Baja’s rugged terrain where along your ride, you will see cactus over 20 ft high towering over the trail, wild animals, exotic desert flora and incredible views.
From $80/person
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Outdoor Zip Line Adventure
The Outdoor Zip Line Adventure is the true summit of high adventure, taking you on a series of thrilling canyon "flights." Experienced guides will be there every wild whoosh of the way, to ensure your safety as well as your thrills.
From $95/person
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