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Meet Our Team!

We're proud of the incredible people who make up our family! Every member of the CaboVillas.com team is dedicated to sharing our love of Los Cabos and our commitment to providing the absolute best customer service you could expect! Specializing in Los Cabos travel for over 30 years, we remain a family-owned business and the local expert.

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CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Don Hirschaut
Don Hirschaut | President

Don's extensive history in environmental studies and deep-seated love of the Baja Peninsula came together 30 years ago when he started Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations (ESSV). Don spent his early career working for NOAA and the USGS, with projects focused on charting nautical maps in Alaska, studying near-shore wave environments and researching marine canyons. In between seasonal jobs at NOAA, a friend suggested to Don that he start setting up formal eco tours since he always seemed to be doing it anyway—and history was made.

While the company originally focused on the Monterey Bay area of California, Don was also organizing weeklong treks to Baja California Sur. During one such excursion in 1988, Don picked up his first home in Cabo San Lucas (7 years before he'd buy a home in the U.S.). While in line at the bank to borrow money for the deal, a woman in line behind him declared, "I really wish I had a place to spend the summer in Los Cabos"—and his first vacation rental was struck. Over subsequent years, Don's knack for networking with local villa owners and resorts in Cabo rapidly expanded the company's offerings. Today, Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations (CaboVillas.com) represents over 110 villa rentals and 45 resorts in Baja.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Michelle Hoffman
Michelle Hoffman | Chief Financial Officer

Michelle has been with ESSV since 1993 (when she met the man of her dreams, who happens to be the company's president). While she oversees the Accounting Department, she also has a hand in many areas of cross-departmental day-to-day operations.

"ESSV offers amazing service. We take the time to get to know our clients so that we can make their trip the most amazing trip of their lifetime. The diversity of Cabo makes it a great destination for everyone. I've been traveling here for over 20 years and still find new and exciting places of interest. On my most recent trip, High Tides Los Cabos Tours took me to a hot springs in a local rancher's back yard!"

Michelle is an avid traveler whose passion for exploring the world began during her childhood when she visited Haiti with her parents, who became very involved in charitable fund-raising for health services for the island. After college, Michelle lived in the Caribbean. In 1991, she traveled through Baja with a 4-wheel drive vehicle and kayaks—igniting her love for the region.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Rick Allen
Rick Allen | Vice President

Rick joined ESSV in 2005 as Marketing Communications Associate, and thereafter assumed the role of Vice President. He brings over 20 years of leadership experience spanning five industries; including retail, customer service, production and distribution. Rick holds a Bachelor Degree in International Affairs and Commerce and an MBA in Marketing.

"For me Cabo represents the best of all worlds - you can go from relaxing days on secluded beaches to the fun-filled nights of downtown. Cabo can be almost anything you want to takeaway from it; the choice is really yours."

Rick is an avid traveler, having lived in France, Ireland and Germany and visiting over 20 countries. He likes to spend time with his kids at the beach, drawing/painting/illustrating, running and even more running (8 half marathons, 3 full marathons and counting).

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Julie Byrd
Julie Byrd | Vice President of Sales

Villa Rental ExpertJulie Byrd has been with ESSV for over 15 years and oversees client service, resort and villa owner relationship management and sales. Having worked in the travel industry for over 20 years, Julie knows the ins and outs of providing exceptional vacation services intimately. In fact, she's been recognized for her skill and professionalism by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the leading villa rental specialists in the world for 8 consecutive years. She's also been listed on the "WOW List of Trusted Travel Experts" by well-known luxury travel advocate, Wendy Perrin. Her creativity, energy and enthusiasm for Los Cabos is readily evident to everyone she meets. Julie also is personally available to address in-travel service requests 24/7 as part of her dedication to providing a perfect vacation for every client.

"I made travel my career because I feel that providing outstanding vacations makes the world a happier place. Generally, people who have great vacations carry that happiness with them for at least a year…or until their next vacation! We like to provide an excellent experience so that they come back to real world relaxed and happy."

Julie is the definition of "life of the party," a wine connoisseur and mom to a very rambunctious pup named Rocco.

(831) 768-8037

Julie on Twitter | Julie's Insider Tips for Cabo

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Robert Trama
Robert Trama | Director of Marketing

Robert's lifelong passion for photography and travel proved to be the perfect prerequisites for his original role as Marketing Manager when he joined ESSV over 10 years ago. As our Director of Marketing, Robert oversees our brand image and helps keep the creative juices flowing. He is also a professional tourism and fashion photographer and frequently travels to Cabo to keep our photography looking fresh and up to date.

"As a lover of fine cuisine, the fresh and delicate flavors of Cabo's world-class dining options always keep my stomach craving more when I get back to the States. And what better backdrop is there to enjoy such wonderful cooking than in one of our breathtaking villas?"

Having traveled extensively throughout Latin America and Europe, Robert is a seasoned world traveler who selects his vacation destinations based primarily on their reputation for fine food and wine. In his free time, Robert loves to entertain his family and friends by spending hours slaving away in his kitchen. He also loves to play the guitar and is a big movie buff.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Ryan Velasco
Ryan Velasco | Sales Manager

Ryan has been with Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations since 2007 and manages our incredible sales team. Ryan was looking for a company that really cares about its employees and feels ESSV was the perfect fit. Ryan came to ESSV with a background in the travel industry and feels what sets the company apart is the fact that we are truly Cabo specialists. Ryan and his team are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service in every interaction—whether it’s a young couple looking for the perfect honeymoon resort or a large family reunion seeking an incredible villa rental with all the bells and whistles.

“I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter if a company is selling paperclips so long as I love what I do. But, it’s a huge perk having Cabo as a product instead of paperclips! Cabo is unique by comparison to any other Mexican destination.”

Ryan is the reigning champion of office ping pong, avid baseball player, and diehard metal music guitar player!

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Ercilia Medeiros
Ercilia Medeiros | Marketing Manager

Ercilia has an extensive background in marketing communications, content writing, project management, and graphic design. She has been with our team for over 9 years. Ercilia oversees our external brand messaging, including serving as the primary writer and editor for our annual Los Cabos Vacation Guide, coordinating our email campaigns, blogging about Cabo, overseeing our social communities including Facebook and Twitter, and creating exciting new web content. She loves sharing our team's extensive regional knowledge with our online communities and clients. Ercilia is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

“Los Cabos is an incredibly fun destination to sell, with gorgeous vacation properties and a different celebrity sighting every week!”

On her free time, Ercilia likes to paint, drink wine, hang out at the beach and enjoy time with her cute baby girl and awesome husband.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Nik Reyes
Nik Reyes | Cabo Specialist

Nik's our in-house comedian, and his sense of humor is matched by his considerable knowledge of Los Cabos. With an extensive background in travel, Nik's an industry veteran who's well versed in helping clients find the perfect spot for their getaway.

"I love being able to hand down my knowledge to travelers. It is a really good feeling to be able to assist people in understanding the area and the journey they are about to embark on! Los Cabos is so easy to get to and I am thankful to have a chance to play there!"

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Contact Nik to Book Your Getaway: (855) 202-8883

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Jessica Felts
Jessica Felts | Cabo Specialist

After graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in tourism and recreation, Jessica worked for years at a coastal resort doing everything from sales to wedding planning. Joining ESSV is a perfect marriage as she loves to help people plan for the perfect vacation, trip, or event.

"Nothing beats the satisfaction of a client that is happy with your service 100%."

Jessica loves living in the Santa Cruz, CA area because of all the opportunities for outdoor fun. She is an active runner and paddle boarder.

Contact Jessica to Book Your Getaway: (855) 202-8890

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Kimberly Zamora
Kimberly Zamora | Cabo Specialist

Kimberly offers fun-loving energy and helpful professionalism to our clients. Born in Southern California, Kimberly has also lived in New Mexico and Sacramento before moving to the Central Coast.

"Who doesn’t love talking about Cabo all day? I feel planning a wonderful vacation with our clients is very fulfilling."

Kimberly is an empty nester with two wonderful grown kids. She enjoys running by the beach, spending time with friends, cooking and secretly loves junk food.

Read Kimberly's Cabo Trip Report

Contact Kimberly to Book Your Getaway: (844) 252-0506

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Ashley Kennedy
Ashley Kennedy | Cabo Specialist

Ashley comes to our sales team having previously been a dedicated member of our Sales Support department, giving her a unique perspective on the sales process and customer service. She's been with us for over 6 years in total and her bubbly personality and sense of humor makes her a key member of our fun committee. She loves working at CaboVillas.com because of the casual atmosphere and hilarious teammates.

When she's not working her magic in the office, she's into healthy cooking (mostly paleo!), jogging (completed her first 2 races this year!) and swimming.

Contact Ashley to Book Your Getaway: (877) 441-1738

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Lola Mitchell
Lola Mitchell | Cabo Specialist

Lola brings an extensive background in travel to our team and CaboVillas.com is by far the favorite company she’s worked for in the industry. She chose travel as her profession because she believes travel enriches lives and helps people realize what a precious gift this beautiful earth is! She enjoys personalizing Los Cabos travel packages for each guest to help them fulfill their ideal vacation vision.

Contact Lola to Book Your Getaway: (855) 674-1474

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Alexandra Koenig
Alexandra Koenig | Cabo Specialist

Alex comes to our sales team from a background in hospitality sales working at a beautiful resort on the California coastline. She has a passion for travel, especially to places by the ocean which makes working at CaboVillas.com a perfect fit! In her free time Alex loves all things outdoors and enjoys being in the sunshine, whether it’s hiking in the woods or swimming in the sea.

Contact Alexandra to Book Your Getaway: (866) 504-9848

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Genevieve Ortilla
Genevieve Ortilla | Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Genevieve holds a BA in History from the University of California Santa Cruz. She immigrated to the United States from the Philippines as a young girl, which led to her love for traveling and meeting new people.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and going out for scenic runs- mostly to chase sunsets.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Julianne Warriner
Julianne Warriner | Los Cabos Destination Director

With a long background in hospitality, Julianne is the head of our Los Cabos concierge team and an indispensable part of the ESSV family. Julianne and her team make sure our guests are well cared-for from the moment they arrive at their villa rental and throughout their stay, addressing any concerns, and helping plan activities and catering. Julianne is also the head of A Matter of Taste Catering, one of the area's leading in-villa catering and event planning companies.

"I can't think of any place I'd rather live than Los Cabos. Being part of the ESSV family means I get to share my love for the destination with happy visitors."

Originally from Canada, Julianne has lived in Los Cabos for 15 years. She loves the beautiful Baja weather and her latest passion is stand up paddle boarding—she gets out almost every weekend on those pretty Los Cabos waters. She also really likes small cuddly dogs.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez | Destination Specialist Manager

A seasoned Los Cabos tourism pro, Victor is truly dedicated to helping our clients and takes great pride in assisting them! Born in the small port town of Guaymas, Sonora and raised in La Paz, Victor decided back in 2001 that Cabo was the right place for him and headed south. Prior to joining our concierge team he worked as an activities and tourism concierge for a prominent destination management company.

A passionate basketball aficionado, Victor is also a professional basketball referee and when his free time permits, he occasionally officiates national and regional tournaments throughout Mexico.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Rodolfo Ramirez
Rodolfo Ramirez | Destination Specialist

Born and raised in Cabo, Rodolfo is a lifelong resident who has worked with ESSV for over seven years and is one of our top go-to people on the ground. Prior to joining our team, "Rodo" worked several years for some of Los Cabos finest hotels, making him one of our most knowledgable Cabo experts. When not helping our clients with their concierge needs, he enjoys spending his free time with his wife and beautiful baby daughter.

"I love living and working in Cabo and I get great satisfaction helping our clients enjoy their vacation to the fullest! "

Always a favorite with our clients, Rodo is also a talented jack of all trades and can fix almost anything he gets his hands on!

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Giovani Barrios
Giovani Barrios | Destination Specialist

Giovani was born in Morelia Michoacán. Growing up in a popular tourist city with vast cultural diversity and of such historic importance to the country of Mexico, Giovani was drawn to the tourism sector. He studied Travel and Tourism at the University of Sciences in Michoacán. In 2006 Giovani came to Los Cabos on holiday and, as he tells it, nearly 9 years later he feels like he’s still vacationing! Prior to joining our Earth Sea & Sky Vacations team, Giovani worked in the hospitality and customer services department of the Gran Regina for 8 years. He spends his free time with his family and he loves to snorkel.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Hector Campa
Hector Campa | Destination Specialist

While Hector was born in Mexico City, ever since his parents came to visit Los Cabos for the first time in 1987 they wished to return and make the destination their home. That dream came true in 1998 when Hector was 14 years old. Hospitality is his passion and Hector has worked in numerous local hotels including Solmar, Playa Grande, Marquis Los Cabos, Westin and Grand Regina. He has held many different roles in customer service with a focus on developing his career in hospitality.

"It is a big satisfaction for me when i see people smiling and enjoying their vacations in Cabo!"

Hector likes to travel around México and loves to visit the Pueblos Magicos to learn more about and enjoy traditional Mexican culture.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Angel Campa
Angel Campa | Destination Specialist

I was born in Mexico City but I decided to come to Cabo for an adventure... and I am still on one! I studied Industrial Management and I thought I would be working behind a desk. When I started to work in customer service, I knew I was made for it and decided to be with the best! I have more than 13 years of experience in customer service, 6 of them with the One&Only Palmilla and 4 with Diamante Golf Course - both at the top on of their own markets and now with CaboVillas.com, which is at the top, too!

"It is really gratifying to see the client's sincere and big smile at the end of the day.”

My hobbies are martial arts, boxing and spending time with my kids (both boys) - they teach me a lot of things!

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Luis Alcantar
Luis Alcantar | Destination Specialist

Luis was born in a small town in Guanajuato, Mexico and then moved with his family to Illinois at the age of 8 where he resided for 16 years. Having attended high school in the United States and college classes at Spoon River College, Luis is fluent in English. Eventually, Luis made his way to Los Cabos where he began his career in the hotel industry. Immediately, he knew that hospitality and customer service were a perfect fit for him. Luis has worked at numerous resorts in Los Cabos, including the Grand Regina, Secrets Puerto Los Cabos and Cabo Azul Resort & Spa. He is happy to have joined our team of destination specialists where he can deliver personalized service to our guests.

“It is really gratifying to me when our guests leave with a great big smile on their faces and don't want to leave because they fell in love with our destination and our service.“

On his free time, you’ll find Luis spending time at the beach.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Crystal Meihl
Crystal Meihl | Sales Support & Contracts Manager

With an extensive background in the travel industry, Crystal joined our team with impressive expertise planning Mexican vacations for clients. She now oversees the Sales Support department handling many of the behind-the-scenes details for each reservation to ensure a great trip for our clients.

"I love that we specialize only in Los Cabos and that the company is family-owned."

Crystal enjoys spending her time with her family, going to the beach, bowling and traveling to new destinations.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Morgan Findsen
Morgan Findsen | Contracts Administrator

Morgan has been with ESSV for 11 years and oversees our contracts process. Morgan's professional skills help ensure our resort and villa partnerships are a success. Personalized, friendly and professional attention is at the cornerstone of her service.

“Cabo has something for everyone...regardless of your age. You can take a nice relaxing vacation with your family or go out for a wild night with your friends. If you are fishing, golfing or on spring break – Cabo is the perfect destination.”

Besides being an indispensable part of our family, Morgan is also a published poet, budding song writer and mom to one very cute toddler.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Allison Solano
Allison Solano | Quality Control

Allison's been a key member our team for over 10 years. Her role in quality control for the Sales Support Department ensures that our guests' reservations are in order well before they leave. Her keen eye for detail is part of the reason our clients enjoy amazing vacations in Los Cabos.

"My dream vacation in Los Cabos? Villa Tranquilidad would definitely be my top pick."

When she's not working, she's spending time with her family, including watching her son play baseball, taking the kids camping, barbecuing or fishing.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Tish Mello
Tish Mello | Customer Service Representative

After having been a retail manager for 6 years, Tish joined our team with a finance degree. Tish grew up in the Aptos, CA area and brings a friendly demeanor and attention to detail to our team. As a Customer Service Representative, she is dedicated to providing outstanding professional service to our guests and colleagues to ensure a great experience.

Tish loves limonadas, beaches and sunshine - making Cabo the perfect match!

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Ana Alvarez
Ana Alvarez | Confirmations

Ana helps our Sales Support department provide the highest quality service and assistance to our clients. Her cheerful attitude and meticulous follow-through are an asset to our team.

“We have the very BEST villas and accommodations that are offered by anyone out there!"

On her free time, she loves hanging out on the beach, running and dancing.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Monica Rios
Monica Rios | Sales Support Assistant

Having been with ESSV since 2008, Monica assists our sales team with a host of administrative and client support duties. Having previously worked in sales for a prominent radio station as well as accounts receivable for a real estate firm she easily transitioned to the more laid-back atmosphere at ESSV.

“I really enjoy working at ESSV because its fulfilling to know I'm helping people plan the vacation of a lifetime. And, I especially like working with our great team. Los Cabos is a beautiful destination!”

This self-proclaimed "fashionista," is an online shopaholic and makes occasional shopping excursions to the City by the Bay. When not spoiling her beautiful daughters, she loves spending time with her friends and family.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Geneva Rocha
Geneva Rocha | Sales Support Assistant

Geneva works diligently with the Sales Support team helping them fulfill crucial tasks behind the scenes to ensure our clients enjoy great vacations and that our business runs smoothly.

“I was originally attracted to this position because the company specializes in Cabo. Who doesn't love Cabo!?”

In her free time, Geneva loves to play sports, restore furniture and bake for fun.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson | Controller

Lisa helps our day-to-day operations as an integral member of our accounting team. Her professionalism and friendly demeanor make her a beloved and indispensable part of the ESSV family.

"I like working here because of the friendly work environment. Everyone who works here has great experience that makes ESSV a well rounded and successful business!"

On her free time, Lisa is an awesome mama.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Christy Santaella
Christy Santaella | Bookkeeper

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA, Christy joined our team as Bookkeeper with extensive previous experience as a retirement plan administrator and in bookkeeping. The financial aspect of the travel industry is interesting to Christy and she enjoys working in a friendly office.

On her free time, she loves camping in Big Sur and Mendocino with her two children and husband.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - David Hite
David Hite | Systems Administrator

David keeps our network up and running, internally and externally. David's background spans the continental United States. Originally from Charlottesville, VA, he spent two years studying computer science in New York, and then jaunted off to Orlando, FL to attend a digital media university. He made a move to Los Angeles after getting his degree, and worked in the IT and graphics fields, including work for MTV, Cartoon Network, Six Point Harness, and Nickelodeon.

"Working at Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations is much like visiting Cabo San Lucas. Both have provided me with a warm and welcoming environment. I am proud to play my part in showing the world what a great place Cabo is, and to be around a team who work toward that same goal."

David has a passion for animation and visual effects, and some of his work can be seen in The Andy Milonakis Show, Fosters Home of Imaginary Friends, El Tigre, and in 3D work for THQ's Frontlines video game.

His hobbies include photography, animation, design, 3D, geeking out on computers, watching Star Wars, and riding his bike. His dream vacation would be Australia (and Cabo of course), but he loves beaches and mountains in general.

CaboVillas.com About Our Team - Cabo the Dog
Cabo the Dog | Chief Canine Officer

Cabo is our chief tail-wagger, ball retriever, office snuggler and all-around happy guy.

"Woof, woof. Bark"

In his free time, Cabo enjoys bone-chewing and long walks.