Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel in Los Cabos

For over 35 years, our guests have discovered the natural beauty of Los Cabos, Mexico. We remain dedicated to sustainable tourism in order to protect this diverse ecosystem - learn how you can help.
Sustainable Travel in Los Cabos Mexico

While the area has evolved over the years, the unique natural environment of Baja Sur and ecotourism remain the heart of this destination. The confluence of the Pacific Ocean with the pristine Sea of Cortez makes our waters rich in marine life, from migrating whales and whale sharks, to tropical fish and coral reefs. The desert landscape and mountain ranges of Baja are a striking contrast to the luxury resort developments of Cabo San Lucas. We're committed to promoting sustainable tourism in Cabo to preserve this ecosystem for generations to come, as well as supporting local communities.

When visiting Los Cabos, remember to minimize your footprint by avoiding single-use plastics, leaving natural areas and beaches clean, and conserving water in this desert environment.

In our corporate offices, we utlitize solar power, recycle, and minimize paper usage.

Here are Some Ways to Help:

RABEN Mexico

Whale Rescue

RABEN Mexico is a group of highly trained teams dedicated to the rescue of whales entangled in fishing gear along the Pacific coast of Mexico and Baja California Sur. Our valued ecotourism partner, Cabo Expeditions is a key participant in these efforts.

Cabo San Lucas Sea Turtle Rescue

Tortugueros Las Playitas

Sea Turtle Conservation Program

Los Cabos is home to several species of endangered sea turtles that nest along our shores. Tortugueros Las Playitas focuses on preserving turtle habitat, protecting sea turtle nests and hatchlings.

Cabo San Lucas Sustainable Travel

Carbon Offsets for Travel

Donate to Carbon Reducing Programs

Mitigate the impact of air travel on the environment by purchasing carbon offsets for your flight. Several reputable programs are available, among them Cool Effect offers a handy flight offset calculator.

Cabo San Lucas Sustainable Travel

EmbraceIt Fund for a Sustainable Baja Sur

Supporting Local Communities

This initiative focuses on raising funds to improve conditions in local communities in Los Cabos, including development of sustainable infrastructure and projects focused on health, social services, security and housing.