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List Your Property with the Leader in Cabo Vacation Rentals has specialized in luxury Cabo vacation rentals for over 35 years. We devote 100% of our resources to providing property owners with an excellent return on their investment, and guests with the highest level of service available.

That’s why we are the industry leader, with the largest inventory of deluxe villa and resort vacation rentals in Los Cabos.

Owner Advantages of Listing with

Web Exposure

On average, our websites receive more than 1 million visitors each year. We advertise on a variety of luxury travel sites, and we list your property on other vacation rental sites at no additional cost.

Maximize Bookings

With minimum nightly stays, a knowledgeable sales force and seasonal pricing we ensure your property gets maximum occupancy throughout the year.

Your Choice

Owners may choose to work exclusively with or in conjunction with other vacation rental providers. See Exclusive Listing Advantages below.

Travel Partnerships

We hold preferred agreements with luxury travel agencies around the world.

Dedicated Team

Our experienced team of Cabo professionals is dedicated to property owner satisfaction. Our highly trained sales team is motivated and knowledgeable about the destination and our properties.

24/7 Cabo Concierge

Our on-site representatives meet guests and provide complimentary welcome refreshments, concierge services, 24/7 lock-out service, and other immediate solutions. They also communicate with property managers to solve guest and property issues.

Owner Portal

Easily manage your calendar and owner reservations on our online portal. Receive booking notifications and easily view rental revenue.

Financial Security

Guest payments and deposits are held in a “Customer Trust Account” as required by the California State Attorney General. guests sign a check-in and liability waiver upon arrival.

Owner Reviews

Maison de Cortez Owner Review
Villa Maison de Cortes

We list two luxury properties, an event venue, and a private yacht with the team of Cabo Villas.

We have found their team to be the best in the business when it comes to maximizing our investment and responding to our needs.

They also provide our clients exceptional service. We chose to list exclusively because we know we’re receiving the hands-on attention that make business easier.

If we have an issue or a question, we always have easy and quick access to support. The reservations team does an outstanding job qualifying clients and the company’s technology makes tracking reservations and accounting a breeze. We highly recommend their services.

Villa Diamante de Law Owner Review
Villa Jade de Law presently represents me in four large villas in Pedregal. I like them so much that I am arranging to add two new properties of mine in the East Cape of Cabo.

Super Professional! Super proficient!

Owner of Villa Diamante de Law, Villa Jade de Law, Villa Tanzanita de Law, Villa Perla de Law

La Casa Bendecida Owner Review
La Casa Bendecida Law

With their 35 years of experience, communicative, hands-on team members in every department in California, dedicated, welcoming concierges in Los Cabos, plus the special feeling that we’re part of the family in the most exciting and innovative luxury Cabo vacation rental company in the world, made choosing CaboVillas to represent La Casa Bendecida the perfect choice for us.

We know how much hard work and love go into making guests feel cared for and welcomed.

We researched online and talked to current clients and Cabo professionals and then we Zoomed with Julie Byrd, the President of Cabovillas. Her joyful and welcoming presence, knowledge of the area and the market, and her excitement and enthusiasm about CaboVillas was contagious.

Owners of La Casa Bendecida

Be everywhere your guests are.

With outstanding brand recognition, optimized search engine placement, and a sizeable repeat client business, the vast majority of our bookings originate directly from However, we will also include you on the top villa rental sites in the industry, where we are Super Hosts/Premier Partners, ensuring you top-tier marketing exposure.

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Exclusive Listing Advantages

  • Marketing Discounts
    By listing exclusively, owners save 25% on special marketing promotions, giving you greater exposure on

  • Dynamic Pricing
    Exclusive Owners will benefit from our dynamic pricing model, which will automatically adjust nightly rate according to demand and seasonality. Exclusive Owners can expect an average revenue uplift of 12%, and up to 40% from dynamic pricing versus static rates. See more info below.

  • No Double Bookings
    Avoid conflicting reservations with other rental companies, which can result in owner fees to relocate guests. View your property calendar online and block out available dates for your own use at any time.

  • Conserve Your Time & Energy
    Your time is valuable. Choosing an exclusive listing with is your ticket to streamlining your personal effort while maximizing your rental revenue.

  • Consistent Guest Services
    Guarantee each of your guests the same high level of customer service. We offer outstanding personalized services, including private chefs, on-site spa treatments, fishing charters, golf tee times, tours, activities, transportation, professional child-care and much more.

  • Cabo Expertise specializes exclusively in marketing Los Cabos vacation rentals and packages. We know the region, culture, environment, weather, and pace of life. We wrote the book on Cabo accommodations, special events and insider information. We are adept at matching each guest with the ideal luxury property. No one knows Los Cabos better!

  • Free Basic Photo Package (NEW listings only)
    Jump-start your online presence with us when you list exclusively with a free basic photography package (contact us for details) to showcase your property's best features.

List Exclusively with us and get Dynamic Pricing

A New Landscape

We are in a new landscape for short-term rentals with ever-changing travel patterns, booking windows, and guest needs. Pricing using static rates or relying solely on historical information doesn’t take all of these changes into account. With this approach it can mean that we aren’t responsibly raising rates to match any increased demand in the market, and also increasing occupancy during periods of lower demand. Recent events have taught us that it is essential to make data-driven decisions. This is where dynamic pricing comes into play.

What is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic pricing is a sophisticated way to utilize data to develop a pricing system that maximizes the revenue potential of your listing. To put it simply, it’s changing your pricing to match supply and demand. Airlines and major hotel companies have been using this method for decades, and it’s continuing to be adopted by other industries for one reason – it works.

The problem with static pricing is that your property can be snapped up quickly for popular times of the year and sit empty during other times of the year. Dynamic pricing takes out the tedious guesswork, uncertainty, and stress caused by static pricing. It has the ability to meet demand where it’s at - automatically increasing or decreasing the price for your property based on historical and real-time data, all done on a daily basis. The algorithm is built to find pockets of revenue in areas other methods cannot.

How Are the Prices Determined?

A team of data scientists and revenue management experts utilize a variety of data sources to ensure our pricing is ahead of the competition. They don’t rely on arbitrary city boundaries or postal codes – rather they rely on machine learning combined with the human element from a team of analysts to determine comparisons/demand activity.

Some Things You May Notice Moving Forward

Some of your reservations will show a significant price increase from anything you’ve seen before. In fact, a few test cases showed up to 30% higher than previous bookings for the same season!

Your un-booked nightly rental pricing may change often, in some cases – daily. For the most part, you’ll see the fluctuations happening for upcoming occupancy dates.

On the flip side of that, you will see a few reservations come in a little different or lower than you expected (never below the minimum you set), mainly to fill in last minute gaps or low season/mid week dates.However, we have worked very hard to set a conservative minimum price, so you should not see prices that fall drastically below what you have seen in the past.